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On Demand: The Better Half of the Bills - Katie Riznyk 10.16.12

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Tue, 16 Oct 2012|

Left Guard Andy Levitre’s girlfriend, Katie Riznyk, dished about the life of an NFL girlfriend. When watching the game, she’s either yelling in excitement or frustration while trying not to get fired at work! She exposes Andy’s love for salt and vinegar chips, healthy eating and his secret double life as a wing eating champion.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Better half of the bills on star one -- 2.5. And girlfriends. Buffalo Bills QU a day in the life of an NFL life. Presented by independent -- with the independent health and you get the read your treatments metro mattress check other deals in Buffalo's largest mattress retailer. And the premier cruise line made these. Minding KB. -- more. -- Better after the bill. You like that I think that it. But that. -- net and them. Think about. When you see you there. And public. Lives. With -- about this chance. Yeah I think every now. Game -- And where did you see in -- Well I mean without work. Now I was watching on the TV networks the remaining in Atlanta that populate and I thought I was at. A did you yell at every one or anyone in particular. It not so much yelling at Annie -- at the yelling in excitement our frustration and it a little bit more difficult to yell at you -- because you know all under. Yes and it's kind of personal moment to come there. -- companies -- Now. Usually I don't ever put that name at the end of they hit the India that. So he's embed in -- of doing the the work today interviews your plans for tonight. We need your grocery shopping you about how about last week. And who picks up the healthy food who picks up the junk food. I've got -- are you kidding me out and really what's -- -- I. -- about our apartment except that and they. What else. No we actually -- up out of that area can also entry well. The government up. It. You know adding -- -- and -- it will be epic games but our comments but -- Yeah okay. Of course do you ride to the stadium with him and -- he actually terrible health reform that we right at it there. So he's it's a hotel the night before in the gets up in the morning comes to get to -- stadium. You shared this. Week. I'll leave that -- Iowa cheerleading I used to Chile for the Jill antley -- that through the -- patent. We've also got another relationship and weird trend -- -- Iron -- about. Probably hear it actually during the lockout we and about going out other out and the other. So you like your charity function right. Yeah but I want to let everybody know that wasn't a week actually where it will -- co -- it I would we're. I don't know if everyone knows you're not supposed to fraternizes with the players but you we're not doing that right. -- -- until years later at the end of the entrapment and. You a buffalo Guerrero so you -- originally from Butler way. So tell me that have been about two which is go. I find the ball -- in large part and I like college but they couldn't graduated last year. So -- raised in the area. Have broadcast journalist. -- the offer protester and I'm hoping to be inherit an argument Ari -- -- -- and. You like it right. I want or. I'm. Here. I'm pretty. -- Accurately medium. And the ones. Well I would say that I -- -- league that I can say that Andy likes as -- as they are leaking yet and he has won several challenges. Early that the blatantly challenge that he finished I haven't even picture up on the law. And over the regular about the fact that him Eric -- hit another outlet like man competition to see the wing can buy at. So Katie Resnick girlfriend -- Buffalo -- number 67 Indy of the tree you'd you don't make him wings are you will make him wings denying ammonium. Actually deal making them whatever you're lucky in the editor beef or whatever I just don't. We usually go out whatever you want to get it up like a guy saying. All the guys got together and get them back. Much like the way it is on its. Curtains. And the conference in each of those. You know. And hockey season. And Sunday. -- -- This is the every single. And two point. And it. Is awesome your fun. So thank you very much we do this every Tuesday so I ridiculous the other -- players -- players wives or girlfriends but. --

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